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Web / Photo & Video / Graphics / 2D Drafting / 3D Modeling / I.T.

About Me


Personal Info

Name: Corey Daniels
Date of birth: 11 September 1978
Nationality: American
Location: Richmond, Va
Zoom: Corey Daniels
Phone: (804) 503-7241

About Myself

I’m pretty much the nerdy cliché. Yes, that guy. You know like the guy every one calls when they have a techy problem. The guy that lives with his fingers glued to a keyboard expect for when he’s snacking on munchies. Now, I’m sure you could have guessed I’m a huge HBO Game Of Thrones Fan. The only thing cooler to me is an amazing new tutorial after the latest software updates. I love all this so much because the number one thing that drives me is working with others to create their vision. I can be a little creative at times and love an occasional personal project but what really makes me happy is when I can help others make their vision a reality. This is why of all the software I like to play with I love Archicad the most. The ability to work with client from thoughts to 3D presentation and on to 2D drawings that can be handed off to the architect and or contractors to latter be the place we stand in is just amazing!



Photo / Video


2008 - Present

From the time I first picked up a camera in 2008 I realized I would be a shooter for life. I can’t say I’m amazing that would like first require me to confine myself to a signature style. I’ve just never been able to do that. So I find myself with a lot of clients who show me an example or ask me to work in the style of some of my previous work. I’m more recently exploring the video side after realizing I have a knack for after effects I thought it would be good to combined it with some fluid and dramatic video capture. If you like to see examples of my photo & video work please check out my site:

Web Development

WordPress Wizzard

2009 - Present

I’m self taught and mostly work from WordPress platforms I have some coding knowledge that allows me to tweak or build from scratch. However, I prefer themes dude to their responsiveness, extreme time savings and often have cleaner coding. I’ve found with the right theme a site can be built start to finish within a day. Many themes even allow for fairly specific customization and much more. To date I have built at least 40+ sites for clients with different needs from Choreographers to models and designers to MMA fighters and business professionals.


2D & 3D Draftsman

2014 - Present

Drafting is absolutely my favorite thing to do. I’m completely self taught. My very first drafting project was restaurant in NYC. That restaurant later won an international design award. Lucky for me I was working with the best of the best when it comes to designers. The learning curve was steep but within 2-3 weeks I was running past interns that had years of advanced schooling. Since that first project I’ve taken on several others. Everything from product design to home renovations to custom 3D models of trucks that I was able to rig and animate in after effects for a trucking company video used to show & explain features of their new truck. There is just so much cool stuff that can be done including 3D printing. It makes my inner nerd so happy. I always look forward to new drafting & modeling projects.


Adobe Suite Pro

2008 - Present

I got my start with graphics when playing with photos early in my photography career. Then would get request to tweak something or create a layout etc. It wasn’t long before I was working my way around the entire adobe suite. Creating custom vector logos in Illustrator, advanced layouts in InDesign, creating amazing logo stings, openers and slide shows in Aftereffects. Today somewhat full circle as I now create cinema graphs in Photoshop.


Internet Technician

2013 - Present

Mostly to fill in I would work for various I.T. companies. My father a man glued to several presidents sides keeping the red phone alive and encrypted later decided to open a telephone systems company. So as far as experience I was given radio shack kits from as early on as I can remember and coding in basic on a TRS 80 when I was only 8 years old. These days I mostly just do hardware end for companies like Cornet & Black Box etc running cables where needed or swapping hard drives for Bank of America in large data rooms most only ever get a chance to see on T.V. and yes I install and fix phones now and again too. 😉


Hard Knocks University

Bachelor Degree
1994 - 2003

If your still reading then thank you and maybe we are part of the same club. I get it though a piece of paper can be nice especially when you have superiors that may question your decisions. So maybe I’m not for every one. However, I can tell you there has been a lot of research and discovery in self learning over last 50 years.

They call us “Autodidacts” we learn via a method called “Andragogy” and honestly I’m feel very fortunate to have this natural ability.  Early on before Google and YouTube there were a few hard knocks along the way. I still managed to teach myself many skills I still use today.

You Tube

Master Of Clicks
2003 - Present

Now with the internet self directed learning is quickly showing it’s strengths. Some may prefer to learn in a school but I find it far more efficient and worth remembering when learning task are problem centered.

All you have to do is ask would you want the person who spent their college days doing only what was expected of them and their parents money by day and party by night? Or, would you want the person who’s motivation stems from internal sources of increased self esteem, confidence and recognition that comes from a successful performance?

Additional Education

Blender Guru Training Course

May 2016

International WordPress Workshop

Sep 2015

Petersburg Meet & Greet

May 2008

Lord Fairfax Electrical Engineering via Team Electric

Oct 2002 – Mar 2004

Orlando School Of Mechanical Engineering via W.E.I.

May 1999

My Skills

Personal Skills

  • Team Oriented
  • Flexible
  • Creative
  • Deligence
  • Reliability
  • Personal Integrity
  • Positive Work Ethic
  • Great Communicator
  • Rigor
  • Responsible
  • Funny
  • Labour








Profesional Skills

  • Google Analytics & SEO
  • Instal and Configure
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Color theory knowledge
  • Web Usability
  • Grid & Layout
  • Photo manipulation skills
  • Digital Painting
  • Photo Composition
  • Good sense of Typography
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Video Editing

Software Knowledge



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